Warranty and exchange


AnadolMart offers its customers the advantage of product exchange after delivery in order to increase the trust and satisfaction of its customers, which is one of the main goals of the company.
Accordingly, we will ensure that the buyer checks the order upon receiving it from the deliverer, and if the deliverer leaves after delivery and the buyer wants to change the received product, please follow the following mechanisms:
Switching methods and mechanisms:
1- Please keep the product invoice attached to the shipment for its importance in the smooth functioning of the exchange process and the importance of accompanying information such as shipment number and product code.


2- Please request a replacement via approved communication tools on the site within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment.
3- Unless the exchange is due to a defect in the product that is not clear from the time of receipt of the shipment, $1.5 will be charged in addition to the value of the shipping fee.
4- It is allowed to replace the product with another product of the same value (if any) excluding the delivery price, or with another product with a higher price, provided that the price difference and costs are paid.
5- The company has the right to reject the change request in case the change conditions of the request are violated.

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